Our eviroment! You! And We!

In Primoula we are particularly sensitive around issues relatied to the protection of the natural and human environment and sustainable development and our desire is the harmonious integration of our activities to them.

So, we have adopted practises in order to reduce pollution and protect the natural environment. We can all help the earth and consider your own contribution significant in our efforts for an effective environmental management.

Primoula also supports Earth Hour.


What we do and a few ideas for your contribution to the environment

Saving Energy
We: We installed a COMBI, saving system for preheating the radiators and hot water. We replaced our old boiler with a new energy- saving system based on exploitation of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and combines use of solar panels, fireplace water and air- water heat pump. The hot water, produced in this way, is led to a tank which is connected to the burner heater that complements, when needed the required energy.

You: Turn off electrical appliances when not needed and close windows and doors when you turn the heat on, to keep the room warm. When leaving your room, lift the power card.

Changing the lamps!
We: Use efficient lamps, and save energy.

You: Turn off lights whenever you don’t need them.

We choose local products!
We: Contributing to the development of the site, choose local products while reducing pollution by reducing traffic.
You: Select local tastes with materials produced in the region.

Turn off the tap!
We: While washing the dishes or cleaning the spaces, we use each time only the necessary amount of water. We also change the towels in the room, when you put them on the floor or if you ask us, to save water while limiting the use of detergents.

You: Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth. Take a quick shower instead of a bath. Use linens (sheets, towels) as long as it is clean.

Spend less paper
We: We use towels instead of paper and we prefer electronic communication.

You: Avoid loaded with brochures, maps, etc. Take only what you really need and be sure to recycle later.

We care for your health by…
•    Keeping a special smoking area for maintaining cleaner air in our field.
•    Avoiding chemical cleaners and preferring green or handmade!
•    Recycling our waste and composting organic in order to turn them to humus for our garden.


Ideas for your contribution to the environment:
• Leave the car
…for a day and walk in the neighbourhood. Ask us about the nearby trails of our village.
• Get local species
By farmers, artisans and artists of our village, contributing to the development of our community. You are visiting a place with tradition in pure natural products and local gastronomy. So, before leaving, buy some herbs, traditional sweets and liqueurs, handmade jams, or pulses, to transfer some of our local cuisine to your favorites. We intend to inform you about what exists in the region of Zagori.
• Pick up your trash
No need to leave behind … souvenirs! So have a bag with you and pick up your trash.
• Respect the natural environment
Visiting a place with rare species of plants and flowers… resist your desire to collect them!

The environment of Zagori
In particular, the region of Zagori is a very fragile ecosystem. Here is a special legal framework concerning visitors and residents …

Learn about the ecosystem, the legislation for it and obligations of visiting the National Park of Vikos – Aoos to