Primoula Wellness Terrace is a unique spa area, offering a great experience in the heart of nature!

The spa facilities consist of an open-air sauna and a wooden Jacuzzi, giving the feeling of freedom to the user. The terrace is constructed from wood and stones from the river, all natural materials from the area of Zagori. 

The wooden Jacuzzi  is ideal for 4-6 people with totally tested water and  equipped with all the necessary filtration and disinfestation systems. The temperature is adjustable up to 38 degrees. Suitable for use when the surrounding is covered with snow and ice or when you would like to have a feeling of freshness in the hot summer months.
The outdoor sauna gives you the best view of the village and the hills.

Our tip : Stay in the sauna for 5 – 15 minutes and then have a cold or mild shower, before jumping into the Jacuzzi and enjoying a hydromassage to all your body. Have a drink next to the fire and enjoy the view to the perfect nature of the area.

Another tip : Even if you don’t use the spa facilities ask us to light the fire for you and have a drink, a tea or just relax enjoying the night sky.

The use of the spa is private. Couples or groups up to 6 people can book it for as long as they wish.
We provide you with towels or bath robes and sleepers.

Rules and information of use.
For children under 14 years old please ask us.
Children always must be under parental supervision.
Always have a shower after or before the use of the sauna and the Jacuzzi. Don’t use shampoo or soap before the use of Jacuzzi because bubbles stay in the water and the Jacuzzi seems to be dirty. Wash yourself with plenty of water and use shampoo when you leave the spa facilities.
Don’t use shoes in the sauna.
Always have a towel between your skin and the seat of the sauna.
Get out of the sauna if you start to feel discomfort.
Don’t use sun creams or oils in the Jacuzzi.
Don’t jump or dive in the Jacuzzi.
Don’t use the spa facilities before we show you.
Always ask us to show you the place and how the facilities work before using it.
The Jacuzzi is for 6 people maximum. Never enter more than 6 people in the Jacuzzi at the same time.
Please follow the rules as it is a matter of health for all the people using the spa facilities.

Price : 10 – 20 euro/person depending on the number of users.
The time of use is 2 hours. We will never ask you to leave if there is not  any other reservation after you.